The Mission of Diversity Placement Services is to empower people with disabilities in finding and maintaining competitive employment in their community. 


Diversity Placement Services will work to enhance the lives of persons receiving
support services by assisting them in coordinating services and completing a functional employment assessment (Discovery and Exploration), job development, job coaching and follow along services.  We will strive for excellence through demonstration of ongoing quality improvement based on customer satisfaction and results achieved.


To facilitate career choice and provide support and training to each person to reach their desired level of independence, integration and inclusion.

To utilize education and training to promote positive attitudes in employees and in the community towards employing persons who have disabilities.

Maintain high quality standards of service delivery by meeting or exceeding accreditation standards.
Respecting the rights, choices and dignity of all people.

Through these actions we defend each person's right to be productive and contribute toward their own welfare and that of their community.


​​DPS is a Member and  Supports the following Organizations:




  • Competitive Employment is an employment opportunity where client is employed in an environment where a majority of their coworkers are not part of VR programs.  The employment opportunity will be paid at a least minimum wage.


  • On-the-job Training  (Job Coaching)-  A trained employee will assist with training, transition into employment and other employment needs.


  • Problem solving- If an issue were to arise that requires intervention, Diversity Placement Services staff would assist with working through the issue by stepping in through advocacy for their client.  If necessary, this can extend to contacting and communicating with an employers as well.


  • Resume Preparation- Staff will assist with resume information gathering, preparation, and maintenance throughout the employment search process.


  • Follow-along Services- A member or members of staff will contact client and employer through the initial stages of employment.  This will include confirming employment satisfaction and advocacy if needed.


  • Community Resource Referrals- Clients had access to community agencies that assist them in various area of life outside of employment.  Staff will assist with finding and accessing necessary assistance.


  • Advocacy- Staff will speak with employers to promote clients for employment.  Staff also offers methods for client on effective self-advocacy methods for future needs.


  • Job Club- A program where staff will assist clients with resume building, interview skills and other job related needs. Staff also assist with development of soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork and conflict resolution.



  • Placement Rate: 85.4%
  • Average Wage: $11.50
  • Client Satisfaction: 85.9%

 Current Rates as of:  1/21/2021


  • Employment Services
  • Qualified Employees
  • Reduction of Turnover
  • Enhanced Work Performance
  • Tax Credits
  • Consultations



  • Competitive Employment
  • On-the-job Training
  • Problem Solving
  • Resume Preparation
  • Follow Along Services
  • Community Resource Referrals
  • Advocacy
  • Job Club
  • Microsoft Office Training